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Interested in working with us on a current or future project? Please read the information below and email our project lead for auditions or details!

For more information on the projects mentioned, please check our games page.

Voice Acting
At this time, auditions for [HELLFIRE] are officially closed.

However, our second project, [DANSE MACABRE], is open for auditions! At this time, we are still in the pre-production phase of this project, however please feel free to send in your demo reels for consideration. Please keep in mind that these roles are paid positions and we are looking for VAs with professional work.

Animation & PV
We are currently looking for animators to collaborate with in both of our projects! Please feel free to email us for more information regarding payment etc.

We are also highly interested in bringing an animator onto our Otome Trash team! If you are interested in working with us on all current and future projects, please inquire!

We are currently looking for a singer/musician or band to create our OP & ED theme songs for [DANSE MACABRE]! Please keep in mind the dark theme of the project when applying. We are also looking to have an ending theme for our first project [HELLFIRE] made to be used in the game's upcoming full release.