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Are you tired of playing the meek Princess? Well, with Otome Trash, it's time to take the crown!

The rich ice prince, the tsundere with a secret soft side, or the playboy who really only wants you... Sound familiar?

If you've played an otome game, you know the tropes. And if you've played a lot of them, then perhaps you're a little bored with the perfect love interest?

If that's the case, then Otome Trash is the dev team you've been waiting for! Here, romances are crafted to resemble a nightmare rather than a dream; and rarely are things quite what they seem. The only question is, what kind of nightmare are you looking for...?

We also own and run the OTOME TRASH youtube channel! You can view our into and concept in the video below.

What are Otome Games?
To put it simply, the term "otome game" refers to dating simulators. "Otome" translates to maiden in Japanese, and as the name implies, these are games tailor made for a female audience; although they can certainly be enjoyed by many different types of people. The commonly used abbreviation "oto-ge" refers to the Japanese reading of the genre's name, "otome-gemu".

Our Founding
Otome Trash was born from the friendship of two avid otome gamers, Lillith & Hina, as a blog to chronicle their trash-filled adventures. From there, Otome Trash eventually grew into a group more focused on creating and promoting for the genre rather than casual enjoyment. We hope to bring you many more games and content in the future!

Although Otome Trash uses the help of many artists and cast members on commission and volunteer basis from project to project, below you will find information on the permanent members involved in all of our endeavors.

Michael Meyers is my senpai.
I'm hungryyyyy.

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