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"I didn't have any clue what was going on at that point, but, like it or not, Hell was now my reality."

[HELLFIRE] is a brand new otome game for PC, Mac, and Linux that we are currently developing.

As the player, you will control Rin; a young college student with a no-nonsense attitude. On the way home from her part-time job one day, Rin's world is shattered as she suddenly finds herself thrown into the pits of Hell. Will she survive the demons out to get her, or will she succumb to the darkness inside?

[HELLFIRE] is primarily a visual novel style game. As the heroine, you will make decisions throughout the story. Each choice you make will affect the other character's opinions of you, and ultimately the ending of the story. Can you capture the heart of a demon...?

This game is set in a modern day era; however, the story does not take place on earth as we know it. Instead, the heroine is held captive in the bowels of Hell by an enigmatic king. She is brought to the decrepit castle and must fight to retain her humanity.

The castle is old and dusty; a maze of cobwebs and endless corridors. Dark and dreary with a Victorian twist, this ancient castle seems at times to have a mind of it's own. Many doors lead only to brick walls, and stairways that will end in a fall to your death.