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"Surely, no one mourned this pathetic clown; the most unneeded and despised person in the new republic... Though, perhaps, for some, the nightmare was yet to commence."

In Otome Trash's second project, you will play as a once well respected oracle named Persephone. However, a violent revolution broke out within the kingdom she once served, which ultimately resulted in Persephone's execution at the hands of the person she once held dear.

Several hundred years later, the world has been halted within a strange time loop, and Persephone is resurrected by the son of Hades. Her sole mission is to break the loop and execute her important person. However, in a dangerous world where humans play into the hands of warring Gods, can Persephone retain her humanity and reach the end of the dance?

[DANSE MACABRE] will be available for Windows & MAC. Presently, we are considering a Linux version.

This game will primarily be a dating sim/visual novel style game, however, it will include an RPG style fighting system. Additionally, as the player, you will be able to explore various levels and scenarios by solving puzzles with a point-and-click style gameplay mechanic.

[DANSE MACABRE] is set in a fictional country based loosely off of rococo and revolutionary era France. A prominent theme within this game is the corruption of something beautiful; once ornate castles fallen into ruin, forests full of silent trees whose black branches block out the sun.

You will also see many references to ancient Greek culture & mythology throughout the game.